Host a Santa Night in your city!

Santa Night offers a host of tremendous benefits not typical with most special events. By hosting a Santa Night, your organization can enjoy fantastic local media exposure and spread tremendous community goodwill.

Santa Night brings you in contact with a large number of local businesses and their customers. You will be able to introduce your organization and its mission to many people who might not be aware of your organization and what you do.

Santa Night is so much fun we have affiliates who thank us because the event significantly improves morale within their organizations and makes getting people involved very easy.

Most importantly, it’s very profitable. You will have total control over the money you raise and even though you get the benefits of a national event. All of the money you raise will stay with you in your community and you determine who receives it.


So Let’s Summarize

  • You will have…. Fun, Fun, Fun!
  • You will be given a Turn Key event that can be profitable, or very profitable, that is up to you. Affiliates have generated between $7500 and $50,000 for one night. We provide you with everything you need from start to finish to be successful right away.
  • The event generates tremendous radio, television and print coverage. This is exactly the type of event that media outlets want to cover.
  • The exposure to the local businesses visited on Santa Night is fantastic. They will learn more about your organization and the impact is has on the community. It will also expose you to a whole new group of potential donors.
  • As a fund raising event, it has all the elements needed for recurring success. Most of our affiliates now have a waiting list each year.
  • For the minimal annual fee, this is a fantastic return on investment.
To find out more, just call 1-888-YO-Santa and ask for Dean.