Carie Tarte

I am excited to be able to participate once again in this awesome local community fundraiser! I will be donning an Elf suit and traveling with other Elves aboard Santa's Sleigh (well, Premier Bus) to area restaurants and bars, singing until patrons pay us to stop. The money we collect from these unsuspecting (but patient and generous) patrons will go to help support local charities, including Camp Ta Kum-Ta, Vermont Respite House, Sara Holbrook Center, Lund Family Center, COTS, and Ronald McDonald House (just to name a few).

Here is where I need help: I have to raise a minimum of $250 in order to board the bus on December 14th and help these fantastic charities! Please help me reach this fundraising goal by donating any amount you can. Not only are you helping me help others, but also, your contribution goes directly to some of the most impactful local organizations that help children, families and individuals in need.

Please help me contribute to Santa Night and help it surpass the $20,000 it raised last year.


Rooftops (Stops on the route)

Since 1998 Santa Night Burlington has been helping organizations, people and even animals throughout the greater Chittenden County area. Each year our reach has grown to include many different Non-Profits, families and individuals.

The money we raise has helped families to stay in their homes, put food on a table, provided young children with gifts and parents with the gift of knowing there is someone who is there to lend a helping hand, expecting nothing in return.

We have provided help for the end of life care for some who were terminal, helped to ease the pain for those needing financial assistance with travel costs in order to save a child, and have anonymously paid Vet bills to keep a family member from being euthanized simply due to lack of money.

There are so many wonderful individuals who just needed someone to reach out and make a difference during a time of need. We are very happy Santa Night could be there to help.

Through the generous support from all those who have participated, made a donation, or opened your doors to allow us a place to entertain your customers and spread our Holiday Spirit. Santa Night has been able to make a significant difference in the lives of thousands.

Below is a list of just some of the Non-Profit organizations we have been fortunate enough to help.

  • King Street Youth Center
  • Spring Hill Rescue
  • Spectrum
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • COTS
  • Lund Family Center
  • Camp Ta-Kum-Ta
  • Burlington Community Health Center
  • Vermont Cares
  • Hope Lodge
  • Camp Knock Knock
  • Vermont Respite House
  • Sara Holbrook Center
  • Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf
  • Winooski Family Center
  • Steps To End Domestic Violence
  • Hope Works
  • Golden Huggs
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • AACN Love Your Heart
  • Make a Wish
  • Epilepsy Foundation / Children's Gifts
  • Burlington Emergency Shelter
  • Vermont Special Olympics
  • The Hooved Animal Sanctuary